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Revista Pan-Amazônica de Saúde - RPAS

The Instituto Evandro Chagas, a research and public health institute linked to the Brazilian National Secretariat of Health Surveillance – Ministry of Health, presents its new scientific journal: the Revista Pan-Amazônica de Saúde - RPAS (Pan-Amazonian Journal of Health), edited and published quarterly both in its printed and electronic versions (using the SciELO methodology). In addition to the original articles, the RPAS publishes articles in the fields of Epidemiology, Entomology, Ecology, Anthropology, Social and Economic Studies, Immunobiology, Environmental Sciences, among others related to human. It welcomes submissions in Portuguese, English or Spanish, and, in its electronic version, provides the full text of all articles translated to those three languages. Its distinguishing features include the acquisition of a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number, which makes the identification, location and access of all its texts over the Internet easier and simpler, and the inclusion of supplementary material, such as audio and video files, slide presentations and others on its electronic format.

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Revista Pan-Amazônica de Saúde
Instituto Evandro Chagas / Secretaria de Vigilância em Saúde / Ministério da Saúde
Rodovia BR-316 km 7 s/n - Levilândia - 67030-000 - Ananindeua / Pará / Brasil
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Translated by André Monteiro Diniz

Evandro Chagas Institute

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